Autism Spectrum Disorder and TEACCH

C.P.I Care has its own Autism Awareness Internal Trainer within the organisation. The course will enable staff to gain an understanding of good practice when working with people with Autism (ASD). The training is a tailored workshop that addresses specific challenges and enable all staff to gain an understanding of good practice when working with people with ASD. The training explores the main areas of difficulties within Autism Spectrum Disorders e.g sensory issues, social interaction, social communication and social imagination. This training helps solve skills that enable a more helpful response when managing the presenting behaviour. It forms the link between primary and secondary strategies that compliment MAPA Training/ Challenging Behaviour.

C.P.I Care have specialised services for Adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). We provide a wide range of treatments including education and behaviour support in which can help with the condition. Individuals are provided with an environment that both supports and encourages their development, both educationally and socially. Our service is designed to encompass social skills, essential education and sensory needs. In addition, sessions will incorporate skill development and life skills aimed to promote functional living skills. Working on the strengths of individuals, service users will benefit from the provision, to address goals and enrich personal growth. C.P.I Care have a team of specialists who work together, these include Occupational Therapy, Psychologists and educational support.