Adult Education and Development Centre

Our new Day Care Centre Gwelfryn Day Centre is now available for our service customers.

We work with each individual to design their own tailored package of enjoyable and meaningful activities which give them choice and independence and enable personal growth. We carry out a thorough assessment of each individual’s needs.

The activities are regularly reviewed to make sure it meets the person’s changing needs. Most of the activities we provide take place in small groups, however, if someone requires extra support, particularly when they first start coming to the day centre, one to one support can be arranged.

Individuals can choose from a wide range of activities including: Community Participation, Music / Karaoke, Gardening, Living Skills, Education – Numeracy and Literacy, Sensory and Relaxation, Wii Activities, Cooking, Quizzes, Pottery, Goal Setting, Anxiety Management, Computers, Money Budgeting, Social Groups and Future Plans Groups.