16+ Supported Living Accommodation

Our 16-18 transition homes are designed to support those stepping down from secure services, including hospital – as well as those who are ready for more independent living following residential

We are also able to accept those who are new to care who’s needs can be met within a supported living environment.

With experience in working with individuals with mental health difficulties and learning disabilities we are able to offer both placement opportunities.

Our Service

Our service for young people aged 16 to 18 is tailor made to empower them with independent living skills. Our semi-independent living provisions offer the following to our young people:

  • Budgeting skills
  • Shopping skills
  • Job application and interview skills
  • Promotion of self-hygiene and self-respect
  • Opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance
  • A provision that is staffed for 24 hours (unless not required)
  • Friendly and experienced staff that understand young people’s emotional needs
  • A very clean house in a good area offering security and peace of mind
  • High quality shared facilities
  • Their own room furnished to a high standard and new linen on arrival


Activities available for young people

We encourage young people to engage in community activities that meet their interests.
For example, sporting activities, educational opportunities and leisure activities.

These can be accommodated on a group or individual basis, depending on need and ability. This enables them to begin to integrate into the community and develop social networks and friendships. There will be a range of in-house activities on offer, as well as development of independent living skills through cooking, personal hygiene and domestic chores.


Developing Skills

We believe passionately in providing high quality care to all our service users, but in our 16-18 transition service we take extra care in developing their skills and abilities in order to fully maximise their potential as they approach adulthood. We hope this will reduce the levels of care required once they reach 18.


What is provided within bedrooms?

  • A single bed
  • New linen on arrival
  • Wardrobes and cupboards
  • Study desk and chair

All young people are encouraged to personalise their own rooms.


What are the shared facilities?

  • Bathroom facilities
  • Kitchen complete with modern white goods
  • Lounge complete with sofas, wall mounted flat screen TV
  • Subscription pay TV

All our properties are furnished to a high standard.


How our services help young people

  • Develop the emotional and practical skills they need to manage their lives and live independently
  • Get into education, training and employment
  • Learn essential skills needed to live independently – from budgeting to cooking healthy meals
  • Grow in self-confidence and believe in their own ability to succeed
  • Understand their housing options, tenancy rights and obligations
  • Maintain good physical, emotional and sexual health
  • Return home, where appropriate
  • Provide a safe, supportive, nurturing environment
  • Work with the young person’s social worker to develop a pathway plan
  • Assess the young person’s baseline support needs and create an Individual Support Plan to assist their development
  • Measure progress made using the Outcomes star
  • Set clear behavioural boundaries to ensure that young people are kept safe
  • Reinforce the rules of the home, developed with the young people in order that the young people and staff remain safe. For example, we would not allow overnight guests and there is
    an expectation that young people return at a stipulated time at night.


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