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Aims & Objectives

Our aim at C.P.I Care is to promote the highest standard of service to our Tenants.  Our goal is to provide a facility which meets the exact needs of the individual.


To reach our goal we have set the following company objectives:

  • To provide a friendly homely atmosphere
  • To provide a positive and enjoyable lifestyle for the Tenants
  • To build up trusting and open relationships with the Tenants
  • To ensure that the dignity and privacy of the individual is respected at all times
  • To liaise with Tenants, all professionals and the team to ensure we meet the Tenants’ needs
  • To provide a service that meets the individual’s requirements as well as providing opportunities for them to develop new skills and friendships
  • To encourage and enable individuals to make full use of amenities within the local community
  • To ensure the service is monitored on a regular basis in order to maintain the highest possible standard of service and care
  • To ensure team working to continue and to become an effective and cohesive body of support to the Tenants

Facilities and Services

The supported living accommodation is suitable for adults who have learning disabilities and/or mental health. We also provide services for respite, emergency placements and 16+ including individuals with high support needs and those who may have behaviours that challenge.


We are based in South Wales with the homes established in the counties of Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Newport and Cardiff.


We have 24 hour cover including sleep cover at night and on-call assistance.  Special dietary requirements are catered for as per Tenant’s care plan and assistance to help with chores around the home.


Tenants may have a lockable room if required.


We manage personal files for all the Tenants.  These files contain daily reports which the individual Tenant may read on their own if they wish.  All documentation is confidential and stored securely.


Leisure and social activities are encourages and supported by the Staff.  These activities include in-house hobbies such as art and craft or access to the local community by visiting the cinema, leisure centre, bowling and parks.


All service users will receive support for holidays.

Respecting the Privacy & Dignity of the Tenants

Our service philosophy is best summarised by John O’Brien’s five main accomplishments which states: all services will focus on seeking to achieve the outcome of choice, competence, community presence, respect and community participation also promoting dignity and independence.


Tenants will not be able to use any bedroom except their own.  They will only receive keys for their own room.


Any information we have regarding the Tenant’s needs, wishes and plans will be kept in confidence.  Tenants will have access to these records and see any information kept relating to them.



We value the views of the people who use our service and those of family and others as appropriate.


We have a ‘Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Procedure’ in place to allow Tenants, their families and carers to be involved in the running of the home.


Regular reviews are performed to provide the Tenants, their families and carers to express their opinions about the service being provided.


Staff will ensure medicine is stowed in a locked place at all times.  This will be a place which is known and accessible to the Tenant.  If it is not appropriate for the Tenant to have access then it will only be accessible to health professionals or domiciliary care Staff.


If assistance with medication is required, it will only be given by 2 members of Staff (where appropriate) who are appropriately trained.


C.P.I Care ensure Staff members undertake training to become competent in administering medication.


Once fully trained, Senior members of Staff will train employees and supervise them closely until they are confident of their capability to administer medication safely.  Medication is given by 2 members of Staff as a safety measure to double check details for administering.

Health and Safety

C.P.I Care has a Health and Safety policy in place in order to protect both its Staff and Tenants.  Staff are trained in many different areas to ensure safe practice is carried out at all times, for example: Manual Handing, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, P.O.V.A, etc.  Staff members also receive training in safe handling of challenging situations.  This is to ensure matters are dealt with quickly and safely ensuring no harm is caused to themselves or the other Tenants.


C.P.I Care also has a number of policies and procedures in place which focus on protecting individual’s using our service.  For example, we have a police to ‘Protect Individuals from Abuse’.  We constantly strive to prevent abuse of any kind e.g. financial, psychological or physical abuse.  We also have a ‘Whistle Blowing Policy in place to encourage all individuals, both Staff and Tenants, to report any wrong-doing of any kind.


Risk assessments are performed for each Tenant in accordance with C.P.I Care’s Risk Assessment Policy.  Tenants also have a responsibility to safeguard the home and keep it free from dangers to other Tenants, Staff or people visiting the home.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is essential to provide a quality service is the understanding of and the ability to respond to the needs, wishes and aspirations of the people for whom the service is intended.  A major element of quality assurance is therefore aimed at the analysis of the needs and the review of individual plans, ensuring the life planning process is conducted with the service user as the primary focus.


The Manager will ensure the Tenants views about the service are known through quality assurance questionnaires and quarterly quality assurance meetings.


C.P.I Care will ensure that the Tenant and people important to them are involved in any significant changes to the service.  Quality Assurance Monitoring will be carried out in accordance with C.P.I Care’s policies and will include:

  • Monthly quality monitoring by the Manager
  • An annual quality audit of the service that includes a survey of the view of the service users, families and Staff
  • Regulatory inspections by the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales, Environmental Health Department and Fire Department
  • Accreditation visits from the local Council


The reports of these audits are available upon request.

Agency Charges

C.P.I Care endeavours to deliver the highest standard of care possible.


In order for C.P.I Care to achieve this, charges are set out to the Local Authority for the cost of the care provided.  All charges to the Local Authority will cover all aspects of care delivered by C.P.I Care.


Support Staff

Every Tenant is allocated a key worker to ensure that all individual care needs are met.


The range of care needs that the service intends to meet includes:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Emotional needs
  • Physical needs
  • Social needs
  • Group activities
  • Friendship

Summary of the Purpose of the Home

C.P.I Care is an agency providing a domiciliary care service for adults with mental health problems and learning difficulties including individuals with high support needs and individuals who may challenge the service.


24 hour care is provided including all aspects of personal care including assistance with dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting, indoor and outdoor activities including transport.


Unfortunately we do not provide nursing care.


The aim of C.P.I Care is to promote a high standard of service to our Tenants.  We strive to provide a facility which meets the needs of the individual and have an internal training & development officer to ensure all staff posses the necessary skills and qualifications.


All comments are welcomed to enable us to monitor the service and look at areas of concern.  We capture all feedback in our ‘Compliment’ and ‘Complaints’ book.