About Us

All Staff at C.P.I Care complete NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Care.  They are also given the opportunity to continue training up to a QCF Level 5.


C.P.I Care does not use an outside agency.


Staff attend courses on a regular basis including, Risk Assessment, Manual Handling, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, P.O.V.A, Medication & Administration and more.


Staff sickness is covered at all times with bank Staff available. There is also an on-call system in place for the senior managers. If an on-duty Manager at C.P.I Care is ill short term, the senior managers will cover this position. If long term sick is taken, the appropriate action will be taken and Care Managers, CSSIW (Care and Social Service Inspectorate Wales) and other relevant people will be informed.


A ‘Domiciliary Care Worker’ may be cancelled by the Agency.


The Agency may cancel a care worker if acts of bad practice or misconduct occur.  These include:

  • Refusing to adhere to policies and procedures e.g. not using hoists, not wearing gloves, etc…
  • Gross insubordination
  • Disregard of safety regulations
  • Disregard to personal hygiene and appearance
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Physical abuse of Tenants/colleagues
  • Using alcohol/drugs whilst at work
  • Breach of confidentiality


If the Agency cancels a care worker it will be under the terms stated in their Contract of Employment.